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Beautiful Bulgaria Travel is a tour operator that provides complete service, consulting and on-site execution of conferences, meetings and incentives in beautiful Bulgaria. We are focused on the value that customised offsite meetings and tailor-made incentives can add to your business travel in Bulgaria. We know that well organised corporate travel, team events, conferences and management meetings can have a longstanding impact on your partner and employee relations. It creates a sense of purpose and helps your company succeed.

Meetings Incentives Conferences and Events

A prosperous conference or a meeting needs to be different, surprising and challenging right from the off.
Corporate travel

Team buildings and special events

We bring business peers and colleagues together through extraordinary experiences.
Corporate travel


The many spiritual traditions, religious rituals and well preserved crafts allow you to find your own talents, to feel free and inspired.
Leisure and group travel

Nature and adventure

Plains, lowlands, plateaus and foothills, basins, river valleys and mountains. Nature lovers can enjoy outdoor activities all year around.
Leisure and group travel

Wine tastings and wine tours

Cozy wineries welcome wine lovers to explore and taste different wines or just enjoy a glass of excellent wine with good company.
Leisure and group travel

Relax and SPA getaways

Exquisite hotels with their spa and wellness centers offer superior accommodation and treatments.
Leisure and group travel